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Dr. File Finder's Online PR, Marketing, and Promotion, a division of Callahan Enterprises, has been in business since 1986. Our primary goal is to give each and every client the very best service possible. The very best results, and we do get results. We try to always give more than we are paid to do. To me marketing and promotion begin with the product! So, it's always the first thing I look at. Before we discuss anything else, I want to look at the product I'm being asked to sell. Making the product as good as it can be is always a key objective and I have the experience to do just that. Beyond the product itself, comes the task of selling it. And that's really what marketing is. It's selling the product to the people who try it. And what's needed to accomplish that goal can vary from company to company. It goes beyond just distribution, or search engine optimization, to the more intangible things. My 26 years of experience in this business is yours. Whether you need a distribution agreement, ideas on how to encourage users to buy, comments on your Web page -- my advice is always available to help you. My goal is always to make you successful!


Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder
1278 Whitehall Terrace
Gallatin TN 37066 USA

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