Educational Software Cooperative  (ESC) - a non-profit corporation bringing together developers, publishers, distributors and users of educational software. You need not be a software develper to belong. Everyone welcome.

Association of Shareware Professionals - (ASP) Shareware trade association established in 1987 made up of hundreds of software authors working to improve their businesses and provide quality software.

Shareware Industry Awards Foundation  - (SIAF) non-profit corporation that puts on the Shareware Industry Conference, hosts the Shareware Industry Awards banquet, presents the SIAF People's Choice Awards, and more.

Independent Software Devleopers Forum - (ISDEF) non-profit organization of software developers intended to represent and protect interests of software developers and other members of the software trade.


Note: Yes, I'm going to give you the names of some of my competitors. Throughout my life, however, I have seldom given just a blanket recommendation to a company, whether it's for cars or food. Company personnel can be transient. But, I do recommend the names of those people who I believe have integrity, honesty, and do good work. Listed below, their names are email links.

Melaina Allen - If you need documents created, or formatted, or the language on your Web site corrected, Melaina is the one you need. She's amazing with language. If you're a non-native English speaker she can whip your Web pages into shape so they sound like you're from Ohio. She's a wizard with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. She can do PAD files and lots more.

Al Harberg - For software developers he is the last word in press releases. We have very similar styles. And I know that Al maintains very good lists for distribution. I respect him so much, that while I still write most of my own press releases for my clients, I have all of them distributed by Al. If you're looking to have a press release done, look no further.

Martha Seward - does Web site promotions, software distribution, link verification, search engine ranking reports, and online software fulfillment. Extremely hard-working and very thorough.

Dave Collins - does software distribution, search engine work, newsgroup postings, Web log analysis, link popularity, ezine exposure, and more. Extremely hard-working and very thorough.

Harold Holmes - does excellent graphics work. He has made nearly all of the graphics used on my Web pages and many others. Also very reasonable.

 Please note: The people listed above and I all know and respect each other. We refer clients to one another. Please do not attempt to get me into a "bidding war" with any of these people. I will not participate.

Beneficial Links

Software Marketing Resource - Created by my friend and fellow SIAF board member, Sharon Hously, this is a great place for developers to get information about press releases, services, various newsgroups, and lots, lots, more. Highly recommended.

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