Specializing in online public relations and marketing, Callahan Enterprises was formally established in 1986. That means we've been doing software marketing online longer than any other company! So many people, however, used the name "Dr. File Finder" when asking about marketing services, that in 2002 Dr. File Finder's Online PR, Marketing, and Promotion was made a subsidiary of Callahan Enterprises.

We offer a wide range of services. An almost infinite number of packages and fee ranges are availabe. Standard packages and fees are available that offer the services that are most commonly requested. At the same time, individual services can be put together into a custom marketing package and fees are flexible depending on what you want done. See more under Custom Packages below.

The services offered focus on the things that will get your products noticed. That means utilizing 25 years of online experience placing your products on sites where they need to be, updating the most beneficial search engines with your Web site information, and more. We don't waste time and money doing things that won't help your business. The foundation of Dr. File Finder's Online PR, Marketing, and Promotion is experience and the cornerstone is flexibility and we can create a package of services to meet your needs. Do we get results? You bet! And over half of our clients have been clients for 8 years or more!

Our clients are often small, one-person companies, but we've also had big clients like GeoWorks, Jasc, Qualcomm, Bayer (the aspirin people), Corel, and more! Our history of experience, integrity, and reliability are second to none.

If any of the services listed below might be of interest to you, just contact me by email. A few of the services provided are:

  • Software Evaluation - FREE
  • Complete online PR and marketing services
  • Extensive online promotions, placing your product(s) on the most popular Internet sites around the world. This currently includes over 600 of the best sites on the 'net.
  • Following up on program submissions to make sure your product gets listed
  • Updating search engines to drive traffic to your Web site
  • Evaluating/Writing press releases
  • Interfacing, on your behalf, with reviewers, editors, columnists, and software publishers to help get your product noticed Particpate in beta testing and making recommendations to make your products better!
  • Web page anaylysis and recommendations
  • Evaluating/Developing press kits
  • Evaluating keywords, meta tags, and more
  • Arranging for cross-promotions with other developers
  • Web page development, at special rates, that includes some of the most innovative technology
  • Promotional emails to reviewers, editors, and others that know me personally.
  • White Papers
  • And more...

New Services Available September 1, 2007

  • Creation of PAD files
  • Writing or rewriting product descriptions that sell your products
  • Going over all the English usage on your Web site and making sure it's correct
  • Giving guidance to those who do not speak English as a first language on the layout of their Web pages and phrasing

Custom Packages

In the early days I had jazzy "custom" packages with distinctive names. The "Deluxe", "Moderate", and "Basic" promotional packages. Each package contained only specific items. But as time went on I realized that every package of services had to be a custom package because the needs of each company differ. So, flexibility is the key. At Dr. File Finder's Online PR, Marketing, and Promotion, you create your own customized package from the services we offer. In this way you get exactly what you want. And pay only for what you get. So, do we have " custom packages"?   Yes! -- and  we will work together to create it based on your goals, your needs, your budget, and more.

Prices - Developers sometimes write me and mention, "There are no prices on your site." No, there aren't and there's a good reason why. Call me an idealist, but for 13 years eveyone I helped I helped for free. And I always try to be flexible, even in pricing. Since I work primarily with small software developers, I make the assumption that the small developer, just starting out, does not want me to charge him as much as I would charge a giant conglomerate. Or as much as I would charge a highly successful software company. Hence, I don't list prices. Prices, just like packages, are negotiable.

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